mini COMBO

Mini Combo is our baby accumulator tip. If you purchase you will get 3 straight games and when you combine them in a single wager you will get an accumulator with odd between 2 and 3. With over 90% winrate in the past this is the best choice for beginners who wants to make some fresh money by betting on football.


super COMBO

Super Combo is our most preferred prediction at the best price. 4 straight matches combined in a single wager giving you an accumulator with odds between 4-6. These predictions are suitable for both beginners and people with extensive experience in sports betting.


Do you want to make big money while betting on football matches? YEAH, this is the exact place for you because big odds makes big money!

Big Combo is our top prediction suited mainly for experienced punters but the newbies can jump into the boat as well because everyone loves the big money.

With around 50% winrate, big combo can guarantee you long term profits. Yes some days big combo will lose but when we hit an accumulator tip with 10+ odd, this will cover all losses before, and we will take some fresh money! Don`t forger that Big Combo is the only section where you get a free replacement after loss, and you have the chance to make real money on the next day!


 Making money from betting on football matches (mainly combo bets) Is one of the biggest opportunities we have in our life-time. And we are not exaggerating. This is our favorite making money method. We made this site to help you!


Whether you are a complete newbie, or a regular sport events bettor, you need to jump on the “combo betting”, YESTERDAY.


Seriously, if you are not betting on accumulators, you are missing out.


The thing is, there are so many tipsters out there with fake archive and false information, that you can lose a lot of money by following them. We are talking lame advice and old tactics that don`t wont work.


That`s where we come in.


We`ve created this site showing you exactly how to place your bets, by selecting the perfect matches for maximum profits.


No more tipsters with fake archive written on excel tables ( Come on dude, everyone can write 30 consecutive wins in a month, but is there someone who believe on this Sh*t?). Everything we bet is published on our website WITH REAL PHOTOS directly from our betting accounts.



Did you saw above our lattes wins? Don`t waste your time, simply chose the combo that suits most to you, and left the rest to us. We know how to make money!

Frequently asked questions

We`ve got this question many many times. We know you are probably scammed by fake tipsters with grat archive, and once you buy a tip from them, it always lose 🙁

This is the reason why we decide to share our bet slips with you directly from our bookies. By this way you can be shure: We bet on everything we share with you. When we win – you win as well.

We offer many different payment options. Most popular of them are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Credit and Debit card but we can accept crypto payments as well. Simply chose the method that suits most to you and drop us an e-mail.

Once you make the payment a member of our team will confirm it by e-mail. Once we are ready with the predictions we will immediately send it to you with a picture from our bookmaker on your e-mail.

Unfortunatelly we don`t offer any discount if you want to buy a single accumulator tip. This is a high quality service and it is more expensive.

If you want you can find some cheaper fake tipsters who will lose all your money. So if you want to win, you must pay the price!

If you are a big player “Whale” with a huge monthly budget (bankroll) (minimum 20 000 euro), we can come up with a completely separate betting strategy for you. Contact Us Now for details.

Yes we do! We are in the betting business more than 15 years and we have informers in almost every european county. Once there is a fixed game we get a notification. We pay for the information and we make good money.

If you are interested, just drop us an e-mail and we will informe you once we have something 🙂

About Us

We are a team of professional  tipsters and punters. With more than 15 years in the betting business we deffinitely know how to make money from betting on sport events.

Don`t get us wrong. It is not easy. We spent a lot of time for analysing every single game in the betting card.

We left our 9 to 5 jobs, and now we enjoy our lifes with more money, more fun, and a lot of free time. If you want to be like us, simply  contact us!

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